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2016 AMG Performance Center Conference

2016-12-5, TBA

Client: Mercedes Benz

Location: Beijing

The Concept

2016 AMG Performance Center Conference at Red 1 Karting Beijing had successfully concluded on December 5th

The Story

2016 AMG Performance Center Conference coming from Beijing Mercedes - Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd., Mercedes - Benz Financial Co., Ltd., and nearly 300 investors and distributors from afar. Work for a glorious future with our united efforts, keen on innovation, don’t forget the original intention, and will turn into a legend! 2016 AMG got great results, with the common efforts of everyone, creating a remarkable record again and again. Over the past year, we have witnessed the rapid release of the Mercedes-Amel C 63 coupe, reached a record high. Meanwhile maintaining a good momentum of sales growth for four consecutive years! In addition, AMG Ma oil F1 team won the 2016 F1 team championship, reaching the AMG team F1 three consecutive championships. Moreover, AMG GT3 perfectly completed the first show, 24-hour endurance race, in the Nürburgring, and also swept the top four prizes in the game, creating an extraordinary historical moment. TheReaction TBA team worked together, the perfect deduction of the activities, obtaining the AMG customer's strong support and high recognition.

The Numbers

More than 400 guests